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Angbao™ Points


We want to reward our members for shopping with us! As a Weddicts member, you are entitled to earn Angbao™ Points with every purchase you make. These points can be accumulated then redeemed for store credits for use on your next purchase.

*We occasionally have Double or Triple Angbao™ Points items and events so watch out for our promotions!

Be rewarded whenever you shop with us! You've earned it!

REDEEM your points for store credits that can be used to offset your future purchases with Weddicts Marketplace.

How can you earn Angbao™ points?
With every S$10 spent, you earn 10 Angbao™ points.

What can you do with Angbao™ points?
Collect 1,000 Angbao™ points and you'll get 10 Store Credits, which is equivalent to S$10! (1 Angbao™ Credit = S$1)

*Angbao™ Points are non-transferable and cannot be shared or combined with other Weddicts accounts.

Do I get to keep my Angbao™ Points if I return or exchange my purchase?
Unfortunately, we will deduct Angbao™ Points earned from returned purchases.
For exchange purchases, depending on the value difference of the exchange, your Angbao™ points will be subtracted or added from your account.
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