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About Us

We know that planning a wedding is stressful; no doubt about that. Even the most serene brides-to-be, the ones who remain calm through anything, can get pushed off to their limits and snap at times like this. Not to forget your everyday stressful work life piling the tension on you.

Some of the common stress when planning a wedding:

• Your big day is getting nearer and you have yet to start sourcing for your wedding needs
• Budget that's growing way out of control
• Do not have the extra budget to engage a wedding planner

We are here to help you! Weddicts is a Singapore-based one-stop online marketplace for all wedding needs and definitely the place to find the right wedding needs for your big day!

We are a team of certified and experienced wedding planners a.k.a bargain hunters who have our respective specialty/addiction to wedding-related stuffs. We hope to be every couple's wedding dictionary in a way or two. We strongly believe that every bride and groom deserve a memorable day of their life regardless of any issue.

Our wedding bargain hunters are constantly sourcing for the best bargains for almost all wedding needs; You save the hassle, time and headache to hunt for good bargains.

We partner and collaborate with different wedding vendors to complete the service. Our wedding vendors are specially handpicked based on their reputation in the wedding industry locally; You save the extra cost of engaging a wedding/event planner to present you with a quotation for all the wedding services that you might not be looking for.

We have a variety of wedding products and services all in one place; You save the hassle to coordinate with far too many vendors and you will never have to be caught in a mess of your logistics.

You do not need to sign any contracts, or paperwork with us. Just shop, bill and wait for your big day to come; Everything is settled upon check out!

With Weddicts, wedding planning made easy.
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